Life is saint, irrespective of any belief or nationality!

The aim is to promote “The root of Iranian Culture”, a culture that has, in its roots, a prime value for humanity and life, irrespective of any belief or nationality. The root of Iranian Culture gives the value of a saint to every individual life on this Earth. Even the life of criminals such as Zahak (Zahak in Shahname) is protected by this culture. This culture has a lot to offer to the modern world too. Iranian Culture is derived from Justice and love. One of the portrayal of this culture is in the story of Fereydoon, Iraj, Salm and Tour in Ferdosi’s Shahname.

We want to promote and apply the root of Iranian culture into the Iranian constitution, in fact rewrite Iranian constitution. We want all religions including Islam to live freely and most importantly in peace, within the framework of the root of Iranian culture. This is the same way as people living in United Kingdom; as all the sects and religions including Islam live happily under the framework of English Culture.

With this strategy, we want to introduce a coherent plan for the peace in the Middle East and the world in general. We believe democracy and peace can only be introduced by the culture and the right education, and not by force. We believe the troubles in the Middle East are caused due to the loss of the identity and the culture. Middle Eastern culture go back 9,000 years. There are gold mines in these cultures which need to be extracted and re-introduced. The way to do this is to re-shape and stimulate the minds for innovative ideas and create that self-confidence which has been lost in the region for over a millennium.
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We believe Persian culture can play a great part in democracy, peace and stability of not only the Middle East but the world as a whole.

A definition of culture:
Ther meaning of culture is always “making bouquet of flowers” of thoughts, collected from different festivities of a nation, that has grown far away from each other. Every struggle gives a gift to a culture. The only reason for a struggle having a historical value in a culture is due to one great thought. This great thought gives birth to a great new experience. Only that one thought from the whole struggle is collected into a “bouquet of flowers” of culture, although the final result of the struggle may produce a negative effect.

We seriously need to avoid using words such as “Bad Culture”. Bad things can’t be called culture.

Cultures is the art of living together in peace and harmony gained throughout hundreds or thousands year, irrespective of any religion, faction or sect.

Pre-Persian Persian culture, which dated to almost 9000 years ago, was not all Zoroastrian as many may think. Persians used to believe in the power of mind and nature. They used to summarize their belief and idea into a philosophy gathered in the portrayal of Simorgh, as you see in the first page. The words of Jam-e-Jam, Pary, Shahe Pariyan, Zohreh, Raam, Shahre Khorram, Jahan Araei and Simorgh are all from this culture.

The whole idea is to demonstrate and stress the value of humanity and respect. The respect that all the living do deserve.

In The root of Iranian culture, God spreads into every being; in fact, God sacrifices to create life. God spreads his or her own seeds to create life. Therefore, God is within you, within your soul and within every being and life on this earth. This is why doing good or loving people or nature was the actual pray to God (Parastesh, this word comes from Parastari, nursing. Persians did not use to believe in the promises of punishment and reward after death. The belief was that the heaven and the hell were both here on this Earth. You will get your rewards here on this earth within this life.

What makes the Persian culture so unique?
The life, mind and humanity (Jaan va Kharad) in Persian culture were holy, regardless of any belief. All people are equal and deserve equal respect just because of their existence. Sin, in Persian culture was something that harmed life, whether a believer or not. Believing or obeying God had nothing to do with the accepted concept of sin. While in Islam, Christianity and Judaism the centre of respect is the belief (Iman).

Therefore, the respect in Persian's culture is towards humanity and life not towards God and his/her prophets. This facilitated the spread of Persian culture all over the world during it’s time. Today, we can still see traces of that spread through some words used in the western world, for example: SUN originating from SANAM, ANARCHY from AARK, ARTERY from ARTAPARVAR and STAR from SETAREH.

We want to show the root of Iranian culture to Iranians and make them aware of WHO they were. The awareness can stimulate minds. We strongly believe this is the only way for Persians to start thinking again, and the only way to recover their long-lost dignity.

Finally, it is only within this culture that a long lasting unity can be created amongst Iranians.

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