Arke: The word of anarchy is from this. It is the origin of the word anarchy which means self-rule and self-decision. It used to have a very positive meaning.
Arta = God of justice and law.
Bahman = Kharade Samandeh (The kharade that can set us to reach the right destiny).
Bahman = One of Persian Gods who bonds and unites people and their kharads.
Ensani = Humanity
Ghadasat Jan = Human life is sacred. The word Ghods is taken from Ghadasat.
Kharad (kharade) = Human intelligence and awareness. It is a decision not made just by the brain but by the whole of body, taking every possible thing into account before making the final decision.
Khashtara = City
Saman = State
Samandeh = True destiny, it also means State.
Shahrivar: Shahrivar is an ideal State in the root of Iranian culture (It is now the name of one calendar month in Iran). It means choosing an State from the kharad of the population.

We are seeking to establish a society and an State in Iran based upon the principles of the root of the Iranian culture

The root of Iranian culture is based on the principal that, all people from any tribe, nation, religion, ideology or any level must be able to live together under their own wisdom and thought (Kharad Ensani*) and they have to be able to think together for a better life on this Earth.

Ghadasat Jan* is the highest principal in the root of Iranian culture. Naturally, the first principle of the State would have to be the freedom of thoughts in order to create the right environment in which people are allowed to explore and learn the way of living together.

Iranian culture is not looking to find an absolute truth in a religion or in an ideology and try to publicise and implement it and try to use it as the basis of a society or an State. Such conduct is against the perception of Iranian God who has the same essence as the humans.

Iranian God is the basis of all findings, innovations and experiences. This is why the essence and the characteristics of humans are based on new findings, experiences and research and against acknowledgment of a true religion or a true ideology. Living together in a society is based on the Kharad* of people, for protection and looking after each other and nursing for each other.
The root of Iranian culture believes that Ghadasat Jan is the basis of an State.

Iranian culture believes Kharad is the eyes of the soul. Kharad of human is born from his/her soul. And, naturally the self-consciousness of the kharad is to protect and nurse all lives in this world without any prejudice.

Kharad that stem from the life is the main Samandeh* (true destiny). It is from the Kharad of human that State, law and order establishes.

Humans have a kind of kharad that can establish law and order, stable society or government.
Bahman*, who is “Kharade Samandeh” or Arke*, means the actual discipline, within each human change to Arta which is the justice, truth and law.

It is Bahman* that appears in the picture of Arta*. In the other word, justice and truth and law comes from the kharad of human. This Bahman, changes amongst people to the actual dialogue (Hamporsi, in Persian language) and rhythm and unity.

Humans, in fact, are in direct dialogue with God. All his/her thought is, basically, grows from this dialogue (each human is a building block of God). Based on this principle, the dialogues between people are taken as the dialogue with God.

Iranian culture is based on the equality of all people, because, all people are from one soul. All people are the seeds of the Tree of the Life, which means God; which is Life. Since Kharad is the direct reflection of the soul. Therefore, soul and Kharad are sacred and no law, power or any God has the right to harm them.

Taking away the freedom of kharad in thinking is hurtful to the soul and is against human character. Hence, the freedom of Kharad in thinking is considered sacred in the Iranian culture.

Shahrivar, which for thousands of years had been the desire for an State among Iranians, means an establishment of an State from the kharad of people. The State and the ruler must be chosen afresh each time, based on the Kharad of the people - not based on their belief or religion. Electing a ruler based on his/her religious beliefs would only result in the enforcement of his beliefs on people and this is clearly against the explorative and creative nature of the human being.

In Iranian culture humans are like seeds of one “interconnected bunch” (like a bunch of grapes) where this bunch is the God. By being united and staying in dialogue with each other, society can create a harmonious union. In other words, God becomes the State.

The unity of a society is the outcome of being in dialog for finding the ways of living together. The unity isn’t in believing into same leader, same religion or faith or the same holy book.

Bahman and Arta which are the foundation of each individual are the basis for discovery and innovation. Therefore, Iranian culture which has established roots within the soul and spirit of all Iranians for thousands of years, promises the formation of a resourceful State and an inventive society.

The principle of all grand ideas such as: civil society, human rights, social rights, people power and modernism that Iranians have taken from the west have no roots in Islam and also no roots in Christianity or Judaism.

All these principles were picked up by the westerners who were thrilled by the Greek’s creative culture. Based on these creative ideas, the western world was able to initiate the foundation of its present civilisation.

We are now looking into a similar process of “fermenting of the grand principles of Iranian culture”, in order to facilitate the establishment of a new State and a creative society.

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