My appeal is in fact to the educational establishments, institutions and departments of humanities and philosophies to see into the great work of Professor Jamali who has done over 30 years of hard work into the root of Iranian Culture. He has discovered a lot of valuable materials from this forgotten culture, yet to be learned.

Prof. Jamali’s discovery can have a huge effect in the way we look at our modern world. There is an amazing variety of human ideas in the root of Iranian culture, in exploring Love, kindness and unity in a society. It is a unique way of understanding non-material world of humanity. It is a philosophy showing kindness and love that has led Rumi into publication of such amazing poems that is still very lively after 700 years.

Prof. Jamali has used Iranian literature, local traditions, and local customs, national and local vocabularies in his research. He managed to publish a huge amount articles and over 100 books in Farsi, showing the root of Iranian culture.

I whole heartedly believe that, there is a need to translate at least some of his publications into English for mankind; it can have a huge impact into the way we look at our world. I am hoping for a spark, in exploring and understanding the mankind in the root of Iranian culture, a forgotten culture. This research can lead into real understanding of Khayam, Rumi, Hafez, Ferdosi and many other Iranian thinkers.

Professor Jamali’s work is not about purities into mankind, it is about diversity, the diversity that he managed to find in the root of Iranian culture. It is amazing to see so much diversity in our ancestor’s thoughts. This is not unique to the roots of Iranian culture, it can be found in many other cultures too. He proves that our ancestors were not bugged down to an idea or a religion, this finding is quit amazing and opposite of our knowing about the past.

Professor Jamali’s work shows that our ancestors can give us plenty thoughts in order to come up with a new vision and new ideas for understanding the humanity and the structure of a social life in our modern world. It can lead us in a better understanding of human complexity and behaviour.

Human is far from being a machine and you can’t change a society by changing its bolts and nuts; a society must understand its roots and grow-up from the roots. Understanding this basic fact can give us visions to overcome the problems that we are facing up with. There is no quick fix to our social problems; a democratic idea can’t be achieved by a simple injection and you can’t have a democratic society without democratic ideas.

Let’s give a chance to a new thinking and new idea to cherish our world, to cherish mankind for a better world. We don’t have to have a troublesome world, there has to be a solution for it, and we just have to come up with new practical and moral ideas. The world needs new ideas to overcome a lot of social problems in our world. There has never been such a need for a new vision in our turbulence world of today.

I am hoping the readers can help me in this appeal. If you have any idea in how and where to get finance and man power please email me on

Jamali's work;
There is a huge amount of articles, books and literatures from professor Jamali that can change, for the better, the way we look at our world. All of his publications are in Persian (Farsi). I translate his work as much as I can and publish them here. However, such work demands a team work, dedication and of course finance. I hope one day we get that necessary finance to publish these great works for mankind. Our world is starving for such great vision.

Jamali’s work is absolutely amazing; it is about Simorgh or Sanam. It is about life. It is about human dignity (Arj, Arjmand). It is about soul, rhythm, music, happiness, freedom, self confidence and dreams. It is about the qualities that builds and cherish a society. It is about unity. It is about the materials that create confidence and love between mankind, regardless of any faith or nationality. It is amazing when we see the roots of these values dates back to over 7 thousand years. Professor Jamali has discovered these in the root of Iranian Culture using Persian literatures, vocabulary and a method called Iconology. He basically proves that, these values can be found in any known culture, we just need to dig for it. I think we need to be able to ask, ourselves, these basic questions:

  • What has happed to our world?
  • With all these technology, why our world is so much apart ?
  • Why are we still struggling on these basic human values, after all these years?
  • Where are we heading to?



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Professor Jamali

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