Secularism and The Root Iranian Culture

Secularism = the life on this earth
Secularism is to be highlighted as: “giving value and dignity to the life on this earth. A state or a government has to worry about people life on this earth not the life after death.

Persians introduced God to the world
The emphasis is that, The Root of Persian Culture is purely based upon giving value and dignity to the life on this Earth. For Persians; respecting life and nature was pray to God. God’s name in Persian culture is: Yazdan, Parvardegar, Khoda, Khodavand, Afaridagar, Afarinandeh, Artaparvar, Raam, Simorgh, khoram, shah, shad, Farhang, Daadaar and many more. The word of Parastesh (Pray) comes from Parastari (Nursery). It was Persians who introduced God to the Arabs first. The word of Namaz is purely Persian word.
The Nursery of people and the nursery of nature was the actual pray to God in the root of Iranian Culture. We don’t need to import secularism to Iran. Iranian culture is many many times more secular than this imported word.

There is no need to borrow words
The problem is, we (Iranians) ruin our own Golden Culture in the name of khorafe (old fashion). We then borrow the words and culture from outsiders. The borrowed words always has many many times less meaning and less understandable for our own people.

Dance & Flow (Simorgh)
Dance and flow is “being”, is life. This thinking can clearly be seen in the portrayal of Simorgh and Raam (Persian Goddesses) on a plate kept in Saint Petersburg Museum Russian. In this picture Simorgh is giving birth to Raam. Raam is the first birth “being” of Simorth. Raam is in the happiness and is dancing while offering grape to Simorgh. This is to show the being is in the move and happiness and dance.

Being is happiness, dance flow and evolution (Simorgh)
The portal of Simorgh is the symbol of evolution in Iranian Culture. Iranian culture believes in the evolution not in the creation as it is in Moslem, Christianity or Judaism. Iranian Culture believes that there is no separation between happiness and dance and being. Every being came from love, from flow, from happiness and from dance through evolution.

Humanity is born from God
Iranian culture believes in “humanity is born from God” and therefore every human has the power of God within him or her. The ultimate power of God is at the place where humanity gets together in a party, love and happiness. Iranian God does not have ultimate power and ultimate understanding and ultimate thought, Iranian God learns as time goes by. Iranian God has thought like human and researches and gives birth every day to a new era. This is what Iranian God wants from us, to be like him or like her and to evolve, to explore, to think, to change and to create our own heaven here on this Earth.


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Simorgh Raam (click bezanid)

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