The root of Iranian culture in English
The points of view in this English section are taken from the great Iranian philosopher Professor Jamali and translated into English by our readers.

Manuchehr Jamali, The Obstinate Iranian Thinker:
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آنها که طلبکار خدائید، خدائید
بیرون ز شما نیست، شمائید، شمائید
چیزی که نکردید گم، از بهر چه جوئید؟
و اندر طلب گم نشده، بهر چرائید؟
تا دامنتان پر دُر و پر زر کند آن شاه (سیمرغ)
ای بیخبران از کرم شاه بیائید
Those who seek for divine, you are the divinity
Not outside you, in you, in you, is the trinity
What’s gain searching far, for your own deity?
When the ultimate divinity is in your vicinity
To Shower you, your own deity with dignity
Come to Simorgh, to your own affinity
Simorgh (Phoenix), the soul, inside you, you and the power of your consciousness

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Definition of culture: Culture is similar to making a “making bouquet of flowers” but with thoughts, collected from different festivities of a nation, that has grown far away from each other. Every struggle has given a gift to The root of Iranian culture. The only reason for a struggle having a historical value in a culture is due to one great thought. This great thought givens birth to a great new experience. Only that one thought from the whole struggle is collected into a “bouquet of flowers” of the culture, although the final result of the struggle may produce a negative effect.

Another definition of culture
The root of a culture (Farhang) is seen into our way of thought and action in relationship to others; the other who are different from us, who think different, whose attitude is different, who is from different race and different background.
Culture is the acceptance of others in being different.

We seriously need to avoid the words such as “Bad Culture”. Bad things can’t be called culture.

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Secularism and The Root of Iranian Culture

Life is saint, irrespective of any belief or nationality!

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