Who is Professor Manuchehr Jamali?

Prof. Jamali was born in1928, in the city of Kashan. He moved to Tehran at the age of 6 with his family. He finished his primary and secondary education in Tehran and carried on for degree in Physics at the University of Tehran. One of his lecturers, at this university was Professor Hesabi who was a student of Albert Einstein.

Professor Jamali left Iran for Germany in 1954 and carried on his further education at the University of Frankfurt. He finished his PhD in the theory of physics at this university; he then carried out another research of PhD at the same university in the Philosophy. The two great philosophers under who he studied can be named as:
German Thinkers, Theodor Adorno (1903-1969) & Max Horkheimer (1895-1973).

One day, Prof. Jamali was approached by one of German philosopher, who advised him to work on Iranian (Persian) philosophy and look at the Persian mythology. He was advised to research in Persian mythology and culture where, he rightly said, there are gold mines.

Professor Jamali managed to write over 100 books in the past 30 years, all dogged out from the root of the Iranian culture and Persian mythology. These books are all written in Persian language; over 20 of these books are typed and listed in this website.

Prof Jamali’s discovery in Persian Gods and Goddesses, Rumi, Hafez and that of Ferdosi are staggering. I am personally so anxious to find an opportunity to translate some of them in English. I think these books can change and revolutionise the way we think and the way we approach in building a peaceful world. I strongly believe that western civilization is in need of such astonishing ideas in order to more secure the modern world of today.

April 20 Year 2003


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Professor Jamali

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